Monday, September 22, 2014

I love fresh and crisp early fall mornings. The air is cold, but not too cold, and still the promise of a sunny day lingers in the sky. Whenever I get the chance to get up early (i.e. can't sleep) I love to take photos of the dawn. Furthermore, I like the time, when the sun hasn't shown up yet.

This was taken on our mountain cottage. You can see the plums on the trees. Fall is really here.

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Thank you for visiting. I wish you all a happy start into the new week.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

We finish off our journey to the south on the river Trebizat. Trebizat is 51 km (30 miles) long and is the second largest losing stream in Bosnia and Herzegovina that drains into the underground and reappears several times. In terms of length, it comes right after the Trebišnjica river which is the largest river of this kind in the world and also a tributary of the Neretva watershed.

We also had lunch on the river in the Restaurant/Motel called "Most", which translated means "Bridge". The lunch was excellent, but we had to wait some time, before our order arived, since the place was jam packed.

This gave me some time to explore the surroundings. Enjoy!

This is a multi-part series, other parts include:
Part One: Mogorjelo, the Roman country house
Part Two: The Kravice Waterfalls
Part Three: The River Trebizat and Lunch

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The Trebizat river is the only underground river in Europe which sinks into the ground and emerges again a total of 9 times. This is a river with nine names, full of travertines, with amazing landscapes and a meandering stream, which waters the surrounding fertile fields.

 A sign, letting the drivers know, that they are crossing the river Trebizat.

While the others waited for lunch, I took a walk around the motel to see what I could find.

There is a nice park area here.

Another small restaurant is located here, and it belongs to the one we were visiting. This one here is not currently used.

 This river flows through an area of remarkable ecological value, hosting protected areas such as the travertine-formation around Kravice Waterfall.

You can even freshen yourself up on the cold river stream.

It was time to head back for lunch.

Everything was delicious.

We payed our bill and headed back home. It was a wonderful day spent in the south.

The End

Friday, September 19, 2014

Kravice are a well known tourist spot here in southern Herzegovina. These waterfalls are located a couple of miles west from Capljina, where we had visited Mogorjelo previously. When you arrive at the destination there is a big parking lot where you can leave the car. From there the journey into the valley starts...

This is a multi-part series, other parts include:
Part One: Mogorjelo, the Roman country house
Part Two: The Kravice Waterfalls
Part Three: The River Trebizat and Lunch

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A shot of the parking lot. Not much of the waterfalls can be seen from here.

Right next to the parking lot you will find stairs that mark the beginning of the walking route.

From the first resting spot you can see the first glimpses of the waterfalls.

We continue our journey down the path, and into the valley.

From another spot, you can actually see the river flowing and going over the edge.

The water is very fast and powerful here, so you have to be careful, since you are only a couple of steps away.

At this point you can hear how powerful the water is.

In the final parts of the way down, the path leads us through a small forest.

Just a couple more steps...

..and we are in the valley!

The height of the waterfall is between 25 meters (82 feet) and the radius of the lake in the base of the waterfall is 120 meters (390 feet). 

A sign warning you to "Swim at your own risk!". But it's not dangerous at all here.

Kravice is a popular swimming and picnic area and, during the summer, it is frequently visited by tourists from Mostar, Medjugorje and Dubrovnik.

The mist from the water is creating almost a grainy effect in some of the images, and in this one as well. A beautiful visit to the waterfalls comes to an end.

End of Part Two
To be continued...

In the final part we will have lunch on the river Trebizat and see more sights from the south of the country.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

We begin our journey to the south of Herzegovina, with one of the better known tourist spots around the city of Čapljina: Mogorjelo. 

Mogorjelo is a so called Roman villa rustica. A Roman villa was originally a Roman country house built for the upper class during the Roman republic.

The area is currently protected by the state and is surrounded by a park and a horse farm, which we didn't get to visit on this particular day. The nearby horse riding club was founded 2004 and attracts over 300,000 visitors per year.

This is a multi-part series, other parts include:
Part One: Mogorjelo, the Roman country house
Part Two: The Kravice Waterfalls
Part Three: The River Trebizat and Lunch

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When we arrived on the site, it was already 12 in the afternoon.

The building of Mogorjelo started when an Italic settler had a private manor complex built for agricultural purposes on this site in the mid first century.

This site consisted of the aforementioned salient on the hill (which housed the agricultural complex), and a residential building.

Coins discovered on this site, were minted by Honorius in 388, so it can be assumed that Mogorjelo fell into enemy hands some time after 401 with the Visigoth invasion of these parts.

The Visigoths were branches of the nomadic tribes of Germanic peoples who flourished and spread during the late Roman Empire. They emerged from earlier Gothic groups who had invaded the Roman Empire beginning in 376 and had defeated the Romans at the Battle of Adrianople in 378.

To judge from various conversion works within the buildings, it appears that they were converted to residential use.

The outer walls are a perfect spot for gazing into the distance.

Small woods surround the complex.

A path leads to the parking spot and a local restaurant.

I really like this broken-up wooden fence, that is located on the far end of the complex.

Many stone engravings can be found on the site, like this one in the image below.

End of Part One
To be continued...

I hope you enjoyed this look into the past of Bosnia and Herzegovina, that is really rich and full of undiscovered secrets.

In the next part we will visit the Kravice waterfalls, just a couple of miles away from Mogorjelo.

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